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Why Choose Solar Power Generation Nov 16

Why Choose Solar Power

Solar power system is a method of generating electricity that uses solar panels to directly convert sunlight energy into electrical energy.

The amount of sunlight reaching the earth is about 1kW per square meter. If we can convert 100% of the solar energy that reaches the earth, the energy is large enough to cover the world's annual energy consumption in just one hour, and we will not worry about exhaustion.

The current world energy problem has become more and more serious year by year. Solar power generation using the inexhaustible energy of the sun is one of the promising solutions to the energy problem.

Another main feature is that it is very clean. Carbon dioxide (CO2), which causes global warming during power generation, is not emitted at all during power generation. The energy that is easily secured is conducive to solar power generation on the earth.

How much can you contribute to the environment?

By installing solar power generation systems, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from thermal power plants and the amount of crude oil consumed there can be reduced.

For example, if you install a 10kW solar power system, you can expect to generate about 10,000kWh per year. This reduces the consumption of approximately 2,270 liters of crude oil each year, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions of 5.415t-CO2 each year.

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