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The Characteristics of Solar Power Nov 17

The characteristics of solar power

Compared with other power generation systems, the following three are the main features of solar power generation.

Function 1: Clean and will not run out

The biggest feature of solar power generation is that energy is inexhaustible. Unlike thermal power generation that burns petroleum to generate electricity, solar power does not produce air pollutants such as CO2 (carbon dioxide), SOX (sulfur oxide) and NOX (nitrogen oxide) during the power generation process.

Data shows that assuming that the annual power generation of a 1kW system is 1,000kWh, the CO2 emission reduction effect of crystalline silicon solar cells per 1kW system per year is 541.5kg. The annual reduction of crude oil per 1kW system is 227 liters (Source: Solar Energy Association "Label Guidelines").

Function 2: Flexible installation, can be installed anywhere

Regardless of the scale of the system, the efficiency of solar power generation is almost constant. Since the scale can be freely determined according to the size of the installation location, it is possible to install a system suitable for every type of facility from general households to large facilities. Since it does not generate noise or emissions during power generation, it can be installed anywhere, as long as the amount of solar radiation can be ensured. In addition to installation on roofs and roofs, installations on building walls have also increased in recent years.

Feature 3: Easy to maintain, long service life

Due to the simple structure of the solar power generation system, it is easier to maintain than other power generation systems. The life of the system is relatively long, and it is currently said that the life of solar cell modules used for solar power generation is more than 20 years (depending on various conditions such as installation conditions).

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