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    Mar 19 A "comprehensive" solar dissemination program in South Carolina
    "Fair cost burden" is the key. South Carolina's peak shift and promotion of solar adoption. A new solar power generation program aimed at curbing peak demand has arrived, with seasonal and hourly charges and critical peak prices applied to net metering, and subsidies for solar power generation for the simultaneous introduction of thermostats. Image Source: Duke Energy Suppress peak demand South Ca...
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  • Floating photovoltaic system
    Feb 03 Floating photovoltaic system"popular" in Southeast Asia
    Floating photovoltaic system"popular" in Southeast Asia The Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) recently released the latest report stating that floating photovoltaics system are now quietly becoming popular in Southeast Asia, and the installed capacity of projects has grown very rapidly. According to the report, before 2019, the total installed capacity of floating photov...
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  • The Bracket was Shipped to Japan on January 28
    Jan 29 The Bracket was Shipped to Japan on January 28
    The Bracket was Shipped to Japan on January 28 On January 28th, solar ground aluminum brackets and ground screw were packed and shipped. The pv brackets sent to Japan are ground aluminum brackets of SG1, and the ground foundation is ground piles. The bracket has been partially pre-assembled before shipment, which is convenient for on-site installation and saves time and labor costs.
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  • December Employee Birthday Party
    Dec 24 December Employee Birthday Party
    December Employee Birthday Party Last Friday, the company held a birthday party for employees in December to celebrate their birthdays in December. HR prepared cakes, fruits and snacks, and other people sang birthday songs for the birthday stars. The atmosphere was harmonious and happy.
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  • The Characteristics of Solar Power
    Nov 17 The Characteristics of Solar Power
    The characteristics of solar power Compared with other power generation systems, the following three are the main features of solar power generation. Function 1: Clean and will not run out The biggest feature of solar power generation is that energy is inexhaustible. Unlike thermal power generation that burns petroleum to generate electricity, solar power does not produce air pollutants such as CO...
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  • Why Choose Solar Power Generation
    Nov 16 Why Choose Solar Power Generation
    Why Choose Solar Power Solar power system is a method of generating electricity that uses solar panels to directly convert sunlight energy into electrical energy. The amount of sunlight reaching the earth is about 1kW per square meter. If we can convert 100% of the solar energy that reaches the earth, the energy is large enough to cover the world's annual energy consumption in just one hour, and w...
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