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What is Floating Solar Feb 25, 2021

What is Floating Solar

Floating solar refers to a solar power production installation mounted on a structure that floats on a body of water, typically an artificial basin or a lake.

Two types of systems can be distinguished: FPV or Floating photovoltaic, that uses photovoltaic panels mounted on the platform, and floating Concentrated solar power, that uses mirrors that redirect the solar power to a tower.

There are a few advantages to installing a floating solar array versus more traditional types of projects: No loss of valuable land space, Higher solar panel performance, Environmental benefits.

Floating solar installations don’t work for just anyone. The majority of floating solar installations are large-scale and provide power for utility companies, large communities, companies, or municipalities. If you’re looking into solar for your home, then it makes much more sense to install a rooftop or ground mounting system. Those that invest in floating solar often have access to a large body of water to fit hundreds or thousands of solar panels. Unlike these types of installations, the average residential solar panel system has roughly 20 panels. Installation companies and developers installing floating solar projects today are not doing so on small-scale installations.

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