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Types of Solar Mounting System Foundations Dec 03, 2020

Types of Solar Mounting System Foundations

The solar bracket will be installed after performing foundation work. If the foundation work is inadequate, it may be damaged or the solar racking system may come off, so you need to be careful about safety as well.

Here are a few basic types.

Concrete foundation

As the name implies, concrete foundation is a construction method that uses concrete as the foundation. It has excellent durability and is trusted as the basis for harsh environments. On the other hand, there are problems such as the length of the construction period and the high cost.

The following are typical types of concrete foundations.

Placement foundation

A concrete block is placed on the ground and a solar racking system is built on it. The cost is low and the land can be restored, but the stability is slightly worse.

Solid foundation

A concrete base that is connected like a floor. Excellent stability but high cost.

The underground concrete and the ground concrete blocks are connected together like a floor. Excellent stability, but high cost.

Cloth foundation

A method of putting a part of concrete in the ground to increase stability. It is relatively cheap and is the most used.

Pile foundation

There is also a construction method in which piles are driven into the ground and used as a foundation. The advantage is that it is highly flexible and easy to install even in an environment with slopes and irregularities. On the other hand, it is inferior to concrete foundations in terms of strength and durability.

The following are typical types of pile driving foundations.

Single pipe foundation

A single pipe is embedded in the ground and used as a stand integrated with the foundation.

Such as our Steel single pole solar structure.

Steel single pole solar structure

Ground Screw foundation

The Ground screw is buried in the ground and used as a foundation.

Such as our Aluminum ground solar bracket.

Steel single pole solar structure.

Ramming method

Drive the support pile directly into the ground, fix the structure and use it as a foundation. It is suitable for slopes, but cannot be used according to site conditions.

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