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Types and Installation of Ground Screw Dec 10, 2020

Types and Installation of Ground Screw

Ground screw is widely used as a basis in solar mounting bracket system. The surface is hot-dip galvanized to prevent rust. It has good corrosion resistance and long service life. There are different types of ground screws according to geology and usage scenarios.

For example:

Flange top

flange top ground screw

Adjustable flange top

Adjustable flange top ground screw

No flange top

No flange top ground screw

Four pcs helix

Four pcs helix ground screw

Two pcs helix

two pcs helix ground screw


Helix ground screws are installed by professional installers using professional tools.

1. Before installation, conduct a suitability assessment of all installation sites, carefully remove debris, and then marked out using a laser level to ensure accurate screw placement.

2. The installer uses a professional pile installation tool to drive the Helix ground screw into the ground

3. Pull check to ensure that the tensile strength of the ground screw is very good.

4. Adjust the height and position of the bolt hole. The aluminum bracket is firmly fixed to the ground screw.

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