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Photovoltaic tracking bracket Jan 29, 2021

Photovoltaic tracking bracket

The new research of Haitong Securities Power believes that after entering parity, power station operators need to reduce initial investment costs and generate more power to increase revenue. There are two main ways to increase power generation: one is to improve the efficiency of component power generation, and the other is to apply solar tracking brackets. With the increasing difficulty in improving the conversion efficiency of battery modules and the reduction of flat low-cost sites, photovoltaic tracking brackets have increasingly become one of the ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Photovoltaic brackets are called the "skeleton" of photovoltaic power plants by industry insiders. They are special structural parts designed and installed to support, fix and rotate photovoltaic modules in solar photovoltaic power generation systems. According to whether it can track the rotation of the sun, it can be divided into fixed bracket and tracking bracket. The fixed solar bracket has become the mainstream of the domestic photovoltaic industry due to its low price, good stability and low initial investment. The pv tracking bracket has high technical barriers in the overall scheme design, mechanical structure design, production process, tracking control and other links.

However, the tracking support bracket also has the advantages of high stability and high precision.

High stability: Multi-point drive, each drive device has a self-locking function, which can effectively reduce the impact of gusts.

High precision: shorten the torque transmission distance, effectively improve the force transmission efficiency, and reduce the angle deviation.

Therefore, people in the industry generally believe that the tracking bracket is a "heavy weapon" to increase the number of hours of power generation and system power generation.

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