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How to Install a Roof Solar System Jan 08, 2021

How to Install a Roof Solar System

If you want to install a solar power system on a metal roof, how do you choose a suitable installation plan?

There are many types of metal roofs, such as standing seam metal roof, corrugated galvanized steel roof, trapezoid metal roof. Different color steel tile types use different installation schemes.

Installation solutions that can be used on tin roofs.

1. Adjustable solar racking

This adjustable solar racking system can adjust the installation angle of the solar panels to make the power generation efficiency of the solar panels as high as possible. Before installation, you need to confirm the distance between the roof beams.

adjustable solar racking

2. Clamp

Abundant types of clamp correspond to different color steel tile types. It is necessary to confirm the tile type before installation, and then select the appropriate clamp. If the clamp is selected incorrectly, it will affect the installation effect or even fail to use. The roof clamp does not need to penetrate the roof, it does not damage the roof or cause water leakage. It is a very good choice.

metal roof solar mounting

standing seam metal roof clamp

3. Small rail

This installation scheme saves materials and is easy to install. Use self-tapping scews to nail the small track to the roof beam, and then use the solar panel clamp to fix the solar panel.

solar panel clamp to fix the solar panel

4. L foot

The L foot is also a very common installation solution used on metal roofs. Fix the L foot on the wooden or steel beam, use the L foot to support the rail, and finally fix the solar panel on the rail. Installation is simple and convenient.

L feet solar roof

In short, before installing a solar power system on a metal roof, you must confirm the roof tile type, roof beam spacing, local wind speed, snow load, roof tilt angle, and solar panel arrangement.

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