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Ground Solar Mount Type Nov 24, 2020

Ground Solar Mount Type

Choosing a solar mounting structure is not only related to the power generation efficiency of the solar power system, but also related to its durability and safety.

Ground solar mount type

Because solar panels are heavy, safety and price must be considered when choosing a bracket to support them. In addition, the stent used in the field must be able to withstand changes in weather.

Under these conditions, the following solar mounting brackets are usually used.

Steel ground solar mounting

Steel solar stents are highly evaluated for their high strength. In addition, although steel rusts naturally, it is usually treated with rust prevention, so it does not matter. On the other hand, high weight and cost are the main processing difficulties.

Aluminum ground solar mounting

The aluminum bracket is lightweight, rust-proof, and has excellent workability. Because it can be recycled, the cost can be reduced. However, the strength is not as good as other materials, so it is necessary to design a good structure to increase the strength.

Single pipe solar structure

You can also use the single pipe for engineering to make the bracket. Pipe and clamp are very easy to purchase, so it seems that some people make them themselves.

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