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Floating Solar Structure Features Mar 12, 2021

Floating Solar Structure Features

The solar floating system on the water is designed for water photovoltaic power plants, suitable for places such as ponds, small lakes, reservoirs and cisterns. It can save land resources to a great extent and will not cause excessive impact on the water ecological environment. The water surface is relatively open, which can effectively avoid shadows that restrict the efficiency of photovoltaic modules and improve the efficiency of power generation. At the same time, the irradiated area is more uniform, and the irradiation time is longer.

The Solar Floating Pontoon and its supporting legs are processed through a blow molding process, which reduces overall weight and improves assembly efficiency while reducing costs. It is made of tough high molecular weight polyethylene and other materials, which has good weather resistance and impact resistance, and can prevent corrosion such as ultraviolet rays, antifreeze, and oil stains from seawater chemicals.

The Floating Solar System adopts scientific testing methods to repeat fatigue, aging, strength buoyancy, and wind tunnel tests for various materials and process molding products to ensure that the products meet industry and customer standards and ensure the stability and durability of product quality.

Floating Solar Structure Features

1. Unique bracket design, convenient and quick installation;

2. The product structure is flexible to assemble, and a variety of mounting methods are available, which can be adapted to various water shapes;

3. The parts are made of high-quality HDPE to ensure the performance of the material;

4. Great flexibility, easy and quick installation, saving labor cost and installation time;

5. Wide range of application, system optimization can be carried out according to actual water environment.

Floating Photovoltaic Systems

Floating Photovoltaic Systems

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